Lieutenant VIP (Mont

3.95 USD

Package Description


You will get access to the following perks

No Component Crafting
(Excluding CCTV Camera, Targeting Computer and Tech Trash)

Base Repair
/br -  toggle base repair on and off

/bgrade 0 - Disable BGrade
/bgrade 1 - Enable automatic Wood upgrades
/bgrade 2 - Enable automatic Stone upgrades
/bgrade 3 - Enable automatic Metal upgrades
/bgrade 4 - Enable automatic Armoured upgrades

Global building limits
Global foundation and triangle foundation to 400 up from 150
Global building limit to 3750 up from 2500

Building Limits
Foundation and triangle foundation to 200 up from 50
Turrets to 100 up from 50

Change your name colour
Command: /colour

More homes to 20 from 10
Command: /home
Command: /tpr
Teleportation speed using /home and /tpr to 2s from 5s

Save turret loadouts
Allows you to automatically put ammo in turrets
Command: /tl

Additional Kits
Daily VIP
Weekly VIP
Lieutenant's Turrets

No Fall Damage